Anushka Finally Talks about Her Marriage with Prabhas

Anushka-Shetty-Finally-Talks-about-Her-Marriage-with-PrabhasMore than the regional media, it’s the Bollywood media that is totally obsessed with the idea that Prabhas and Anushka Shetty are indeed a pair and they are going to eventually marry. Now, they have got the answer right from Anushka’s mouth.

When Anushka was asked the same, she reiterated that they are definitely friends and she is going to marry and settle down in her life once she finds her mister perfect. So, there has been nothing between Anushka and Prabhas. Will this clarification from Anushka silence the Bollywood media?

By the way, according to Prabhas’ uncle and actor Krishnam Raju, the screen Baahubali has given his nod and hence, he is probably going to marry this year. Anushka says she is ready to wait till she likes someone and only then she will get into wedlock. Till one of them gets married, the rumours on their alleged relationship will keep floating.

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