Anushka a bigger star than many heroes

She may be a woman, but Anushka Shetty has more fan following than several male actors in the south. With powerful roles in films such as Arundhati to her credit, and quite a few successful commercial roles, she has evolved as one of the successful stars of southern film industry.

At the recent audio launch of Varna, Anushka received more applause when she walked on stage vis-a-vis her co-star Arya, who is a big star in Tamil industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hero or heroine, audiences love an actor for his or her potential in work, but not based on popularity. She has proved with her versatility that even an actress can have a mass following, and not necessarily always heroes or superstars.

In the next three upcoming films of her career, Anushka will be seen in an action avatar. She will essay different style of stunts in Baahubali, Rudhramadevi and Varna. This definitely makes Anushka the next big star in the industry. Unarguably, Anushka has proved that gender doesn’t matter to earn popularity or to be a star.