Anupama-Parameswaram-RumorsCricketers and the cinema actors are the first point of sources for any lust or love rumors. The combination of both is also a famous one and Anupama Parameswaran fell victim of the love rumors with the Indian cricketer Bumrah.

The actress has been making a buzz linked with the fast bowler Bumrah stating the duo to have fallen deeply in love with the help of the internet. Both of them have been seen cheating over each other’s posts with the netizens witness. Why would they keep quiet when so much open flirting has been happening out there?

Rumors raged over the internet and Anupama had to finally comment on the same to put an end to the drama. The actress as expected denied all those rumors with one statement. “He is a good friend of Mine and there is nothing between us more than that”, is what she said. Well, Anushka and Virat did the same and lets see what is up with these guys.