Anupama -Parameswaran - Nabha nateshNikhil’s next movie is going to be the sequel of his super hit movie ‘Karthikeya’ and the director of the prequel, Chandoo Mondeti is going to handle ‘Karthikeya 2’, as well.

Two heroines are said to be considered for playing the female lead aka Nabha Natesh and Anupama Parameshwaran. If one has to choose between them, Nabha Natesh would be the better choice for Nikhil.

Nabha Natesh commands very good fan following among the youth audiences. This would be a good opportunity for the actress who relegated herself to second lead roles in the recent past like in ‘Disco Raja‘.

Playing a solo female lead in a small hero’s film will give her enough space to register and weave her magic like she did in ‘iSmart Shankar’. Coming to the three-film-old director, his last film ‘Savyasachi’ was a disaster.

Nikhil also slowed down heavily but his last movie ‘Arjun Suravaram’ was a relief. The director and the hero, both friends are going to bank on the sequel of their super hit combination from ‘Karthikeya’.