Telugu music is suffering big time due to monopoly of music companies and piracy. The quality of music is also a big concern with several music directors like Mani Sharma are going through a lean phase. Devi Sri Prasad is proving to be very costly to producers and also have the remarks of not being punctual. So, producers are mostly relying on Thaman for music. With several releases last year, there were complaints that his music is becoming monotonous with out freshness. And interestingly among all this, a new hope is slowly rising. He is Anup Rubens.
Anup has scored music for Ishq, Poolarangadu and Lovely this year, which were all received well by audience. According to reports, he is also going to score music for Pawan Kalyan’s Camera Man Gangatho Rambabu and Nagarjuna’s Bhai. If he manages to deliver his best to both of this movies, He will cruise to the top league for sure.