Anup-RubensAnup Rubens though scored music for quite a few films, most of them never made enough noise except for a couple of them like Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde and Manam.

These two gave a memorable impact of music in the audience and then the music director disappeared from the sheet of success for a long time.

The man is now back with Teja’s Sita starting Kajal Aggarwal and Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas. Anup claims to have tried something new and different for Sita as he admits that he had been lost for about a year and there was no release of his films the last whole year. Well, with the devotion of making it work this time, Anup expressed his confidence that Sita would bring his fame back.

He lost a golden opportunity after Manam for to become one of the star musicians of Tollywood, for the industry is in the deep scarcity of the music makers while the heroes had to depend on the only few choices available like DSP and Thaman. Now he has great hopes on Sita to get his golden days back. Let’s see.