Cringe Pro Max Director of Tollywood!Director Anudeep’s Jathi Ratnalu was a sensation at the box office. Nobody expected the film to become such a big hit. But the comedy, cringe though, connected well with the audience because of the whacky characters, hilarious performance, and engaging screenplay.

Jathi Ratnalu created a trend of sorts. Director Anudeep became a hot property with just one film.

But his later films have been disasters. He wrote the story and screenplay for First Day First Show which was a non-starter and now the recently released Prince starring Siva Karthikeyan is also expected to flop big time as the collections have been dropping every day in both Telugu and Tamil versions.

Romance, comedy, and references to colonial history all have been dealt with in a very childish and juvenile way.

People on social media are saying that cashing on the same formula, again and again, can backfire very badly. Netizens say that Anudeep took the cringe level to the pro max in Prince which was a big turn-off.

Anudeep must realize that cringe comedy works only when the story and characters have a proper base and arc. There can be some cringe comedy in a film that the masses enjoy but if the whole film turns out to be a cringe-fest then it’s a warning bell for the director.

If he doesn’t make a good film soon then the entire credit for Jathi Ratnalu’s success would go to director Nag Ashwin who produced the film and supervised the whole making.