Anu-Emmanuel,-She's-Wild-&-Hot-Like-Earth-on-FireWe seldom got to see Anu Emmanuel in movies after the lockdown but the pretty girl is not the one who will let herself go unnoticed. If you have any doubts, this pic is a perfect example to show how hot she can look making the guys go weak in their knees.

Clad in the coffee brown dress and sitting sensuously with crossed legs, Anu Emmanuel is anything but a beauty to look at. Her appearance is appealing to the senses but not vulgar in any sense of it. The major part of the sensual feel is because of those parted lips and eyes closed with a tint of shyness.

She is more poetic than being gorgeous. Of course, we can’t say she isn’t gorgeous with that alluring skin show in a beautiful plain dress that suited her perfectly. Now tell us, how would you describe Anu in this pic?