TFI-on-anti-piracyAndhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce has woken up to the issue of piracy in TFI and hence has decided to convene a meeting on Monday on concerns of anti piracy cell. The anti-piracy unit hasn’t been much productive on dealing with piracy and since the business trends suggest an alarming increase in piracy, there is a need for revamping anti-piracy cell.

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In the recent days it has become very common that within a day of a film’s release, the pirated version of the original movie is available to watch online and also easily downloadable into mobiles. It is learnt that such piracy has cost Telugu Film Industry about Rs.40 crores in a duration of just about 100 days.

From this year’s first big release ‘Gopala Gopala’ to the latest ‘S/o Satyamurthy, all the movies pirated versions are available on internet and also as pirated CDs. So far the anti-piracy cell in TFI has been inefficient in tackling the piracy menace which has caused almost 20-30% of revenue losses to the films released so far. Hence a possible revamp would be decided during the Monday meeting of APFCC.

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