Antha Manchitanam Vaddu, ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi had been staying away from active politics. But he maintains cordial relationships with both Telugu states governments.

However, Chiru’s fans aren’t too pleased with his latest act as greeted YCP MLA Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy at a recent event.

Reacting to a video of Chiru greeting Dwarampudi, a section of mega fans are saying Chiru shouldn’t have done this.

“This YCP MLA recently used foul language against Pawan Kalyan. He said Pawan is operating like a ‘L*nja’. He used the most obscene language against Pawan. Now it’s sad to see Chiru greeting and having a conversation with him. So much humbleness and forgiveness is not good” mega fans opine.

Another section of mega fans say that’s how Chiru is. “He can’t hold grudges and treat people differently. Moreover, it’s the MLA who greeted Chiru first and he had to respond. It wasn’t like Chiru did it voluntarily” they say.