Mahesh Babu Says Thaggedhe Le, Rajamouli WorriedMahesh Babu is usually a very non-controversial lad. But he has taken a detour for a change and his latest act has become a hot topic now. Here’s a look into the same.

In his recent interaction with the media, Mahesh was asked about his Bollywood debut. “You might find my reply arrogant. I think Bollywood can’t afford me. I don’t want to waste my time on Bollywood, while I am enjoying so much fame and popularity in Telugu.”

Mahesh’s comment has caught everyone’s attention. “Mahesh Babu is making his pan-India debut with Rajamouli’s film. Though there is a lot of time for the materialization of the project, Mahesh should work on creating a positive impression in Bollywood rather than irking them by saying Bollywood can’t afford him. This will lead to bad PR,” a netizen commented.

“The Bollywood audience are watching our films and giving good revenues. It isn’t right for our heroes to criticize Bollywood now. When John Abaraham recently said he doesn’t intend to do regional films, Telugu media breathed fire on him. Mahesh also made a similar comment now and there is no validating it. Sudden ga antha maata enduku anesaado” a Telugu social media user commented.

The common argument is that Mahesh is making his pan-India debut with Rajamouli’s film and he should refrain from irking the Bollywood folks. But there is a whole lot of time left for this film. Given public’s short lived memory, his latest comment might not be too relevant during the time of the film’s release.