Nani-Ante-Sundaraniki-TRPThere are times when arguably decent films go terribly underrated or perhaps under-appreciated. Nani’s Ante Sundaraniki is a clear example of the same.

Ante Sundaraniki is an urbane love drama that does strike a chord with the target audience. However, despite the seemingly decent talk, the film didn’t go big at the box office.

Cut to now, the film has terribly underperformed on the small screens as well. The film has garnered 1.88 TRP on the day of its television premieres on Gemini TV.

Ante Sundaraniki has posted shocking low numbers for a mid-range hero film. It needs to be said that Nani’s shocking bad luck is continuing as the common opinion is that the comedy caper is not as body as the box office numbers or the TRP numbers suggest.

A section of Nani’s fans argue that the film needed better promotions to reach more into the public.