Ante Sundaraniki: This Mistake Will Haunt NaniNatural Star Nani‘s latest Ante Sundaraniki has received positive reports from the audience. Especially the second half has been satisfying as the comedy and emotions worked out well.

As we had previously predicted that the lengthy runtime of Ante Sundaraniki might prove to be a deterrent, the reports from the audience say that the first half of the film is lengthy and can be chopped off to make it crispier.

Before the film’s release, during the promotions, both Nani and director Vivek Athreya defended the film’s run time of 3 hours. They said that the film’s runtime is perfectly fine, and the audience will feel it as a short film as they will be thoroughly entertained due to the racy screenplay.

But the audience response says that the first half should have been trimmed a bit which would have helped the film’s narration immensely.

The film has opened to decent collections with good WOM. But the BO prospects would have been even better if they had cut short the film’s first half by 10-15 minutes.

Let’s hope this mistake doesn’t haunt Nani and the team of Ante Sundaraniki for a long time.