Ante Sundaraniki Fate in Suspense Till FDFS?Nani and Nazriya’s heartwarming love entertainer ‘Ante Sundaranki‘ is due for release this week. The film carries good expectations from the trade and audience also because it is directed by Brochevaarevarura fame Vivek Athreya, who is considered to be someone who understands the audience’s pulse.

But there is one thing that is causing jitters among the audience as well as the trade. The lengthy run time of 2 hours and 56 minutes for the film is being discussed as a hindrance to the film.

Even the latest release like Vikram turned tiresome by the time the films reached the climax. Such lengthy runtime, especially for small and medium budget films, usually makes the audience restless and might create a not-so-good talk. We have seen that happen many times in the past.

On the other hand, sensible people like Nani and Athreya are behind the making of this film and know what they are doing. So there is also a talk that the film might have turned out to be really nice and the makers feel that the audience will not get enough of the film. We will get to know the truth only after the film completes its first show.

The trailer of the film has been receiving a positive response, and hopefully, the film also will not disappoint.