Ante Sundaraniki Glimpse: Quirkiness Loaded Continuing its unique and quirky promotions, the team of Ante Sundaraniki has revealed a special Birthday Blast glimpse of hero Nani. It gives us a peek into the world of Sundaram while maintaining the fun intact.

The video is a simple one showing a traditional family ritual. A sequence of puja is shown where various ‘gandam’ aka troubles to the hero is apparent.

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The setting, writing and chemistry between the three actors are visible even from the small tease. The dialogues look like will be a winner again for the director Vivek Athreya.

Natural Star Nani returns to comedy terrain after a long gap with Ante Sundaraniki. The way some letters are pronounced and the different ‘gandam’ highlights a major problem brewing for Nani’s Sundaram.

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Check out the birthday glimpse below. The film starring Nani and Nazriya will be a summer treat for movie lovers. It will hit the screens all over on June 10th. An official announcement regarding the same has been made. Mythri Movie Makers produce the movie directed by Vivek Athreya. Vivek Sagar provides the music.

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