ANR-&-Sushanth-Strange-Resemblance-Before-DeathThe untimely death of Bollywood hero Sushanth Singh Rajput has left not only Bollywood but also the entire film industries to mourn as his death was a state of shock. Recently, the internationally celebrated Indian actor Irrfan Khan too passed away due to cancer.

Those who are in deep sorrow due to the latest deaths found something common in both of them. If you look at the above pic, you would understand that their last films before their deaths had a scene common, looking out of the windows of their cars and smiling as if lost in thought.

Even Telugu legend Akkineni Nagesgwara Rao’s last movie ‘Manam’ before his death had a similar scene, he looks out of his car window with a smile on his face. This does seem strange. But, it’s the truth.

Coming to 34-year-old Sushanth Singh Rajput taking away his life, it was one of the biggest shocks in recent times. We don’t know about his personal journey, but we can understand the pain he must have gone through before he took his life. Sad!