ANR losing respect in Ripe age!

Akkineni Nageswara Rao is the only legend remained from the classical black and white era. At the ripe age, the legendary actor is expected to have graceful exit from films and peaceful retirement. Film career is going on in a dignified manner with the actor selectively doing films but it is not the case with off screen activities. His naughty comments on audio release function stages are irritating people.

Added to this one more tweet from the grand old man in Twitter is creaking ruckus. He tweeted, “#Manam lo chaala mandi fans nannu heroine tho duet song paadamantunnaaru! Ee vayassu lo adhi nyaayamaa, anyaayamaa, leka fans swaarthamaa?!”. This kind of tweets will only degrade his stature at this stage. Hope his character in Manam will add one more feather to his much decorated cap.