Sushant Singh Rajput There are a lot of similarities if one looks closely at the late Uday Kiran and Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Uday Kiran died untimely by committing suicide, and so did Sushant Singh Rajput.

Both died due to industry pressure and nepotism issues that left them depressed and worried about their future in the industry. Surely, Sushant Singh Rajput was definitely many steps ahead of Uday Kiran in terms of acting as Uday Kiran was more of a chocolate hero, while Sushant had it in him to go for long innings. Also, Uday Kiran’s death was not as spectacular as Sushant’s.

Now, we come to the similarities. Ever since both of them died, there have been constant reminders from time to time that they died due to pressure from industry biggies. Someone from their industry comes up with a statement that they will reveal the truth when the time is appropriate.

In Sushant’s case, recently, the doctor who did his post-mortem said he was convinced it was a murder. Then there was news about 40 calls made by Shiv Sena’s Aditya Thackerey to Rhea Chakraborthy, the prime accused in the case.

In Uday Kiran’s case, director Teja said he knew why Uday Kiran had to commit suicide and said he would reveal facts before he died.

Simply put, in both cases, somebody makes a random statement, and the news is kept going, though nothing concrete has emerged from such claims. But social media makes the most of such statements, and it is weeks before the news dies down, before someone claims to have a new version.