Pawan Kalyan as we know never promotes his films directly through promotional interviews or doesn’t hold grand celebrations for the success of the film. We can see this quality post Gabbar Singh where the actor was simply absent from the radar with not even a single media visibility activity even after such big success. This is what a normal mind would think off on the surface of it all but then why would be we writing this if there isn’t something beyond it all working too only few could look into it.

Now let’s collectively put our cynical caps on and rethink again. Yes it’s true that the actor hasn’t done any promotional activities in a traditional way but he has done some unconventional acts from time to time that work as publicity for him and the film as well. If we go back in the past we can see the actor’s ‘dharna’ incident before the release of Johnny which had become quite a sensation in those days. Then we have the launch of movie Satyagrahi right before the release of Bangaram. Similarly the actor invited the entire ‘Antakashari’ team from his Gabbar Singh post the success of his film to his farm house that was used extensively for the promotion of the film.

All this finally brings us to the actor’s latest film Atharintiki Daredi. The film and its pre release piracy need no introduction. It created a sympathy wave among the audience and as if it was not enough the actor for the first time in his career organized as a success function for the film in the form of a ‘Thank You’ function. It is heard that the actor revealed about the conspiracy angle to this piracy which became the talk of the town ever since. However there has been no follow up ever since and it looks like there would be nothing known in this regard in any foreseeable future as well. So can it be concluded that this was also a publicity stunt. By publicity stunt we don’t mean there was no piracy or a conspirator, we mean that those things were used in a way to create publicity as well as generate sympathy among the audience. Isn’t that what happened in the case of Atharintiki Daredi? What do you think, share us your thoughts?