Another promotional event for Yevadu Looks like team Yevadu are making up for all the lack of promotion in the past few weeks leading up to the release. It’s like they were saving up few promotional tricks up their sleeves to be used at the very last moment. After creating a splash with the second theatrical launch among the fans in a theatre, the makers are going to launch a special mobile app tomorrow in another event that is part of the promotion of the film.

Thanks to these promotions Yevadu is starting to gain momentum at just the right moment and things are looking positive for them after a long, long delay. And it looks like the team is going to go ahead with this promotional activity in the coming days too till the film hits the screens and later till the festive season is over. One hopes that all their promotional tactics yields some results for them after all it’s the end result that matters and not what has been done prior to it, though it still needs to be done.