Jayanth C. Paranji - narendraDirector Jayanth C Paranjee has begun his second innings with an extremely disastrous note. His last outing ‘Jayadev’with politician’s son Ganta Ravi has been a dud and once again he is coming with another debut hero who comes from a political background.

This time it is Nilesh Eti from Visakhapatnam political background and the movie ‘Narendra’ is said to be a hard-hitting movie in which the debut hero is expected to do thrilling stunts. It looks like the director who once delivered blockbusters like ‘Preminchukundam Raa’, ‘Bavagaru Bagunnara’ etc is working only for the pay cheque, nowadays.

Looking at the star cast of his last outing and the latest one ‘Narendra’, Jayanth C Paranjee is working with the newcomers who also have the added advantage of paying fat remuneration and investing big. Hope, this new hero is trained properly for being an action hero.