Another Hero To End Nani's Miserable Year?2022 hasn’t been a very memorable year for Natural Star Nani. He had pinned a lot of hopes on Ante Sundaraniki. The film also turned out to be better than his last few films. But still, the film failed at the box office. The result of the film must have surely affected Nani.

But it looks like the year might end on a high for Nani. He is coming up with the sequel, HIT 2. Though he isn’t the hero of the film he is producing it on his Wall Poster Cinema banner. The in-form hero Adivi Sesh is the hero of the film.

Adivi Sesh is someone who hasn’t gone wrong in the past few years. All of his recent films have turned out to be successful and he is known to be someone who has a knack for delivering hit films. The teaser of HIT 2 also received a good response on social media.

The trade and audience are having good expectations from HIT 2 because of Adivi Sesh’s hit streak, franchise value, and intriguing subject.

So if HIT 2 becomes successful it will definitely give some respite to Nani, though not as an actor but as a producer.