Another Gamble From Dil Raju On Vakeel SaabA few days ago, we mentioned the adverse effect of hiked prices. We are looking at it again but from a different perspective. Producer Dil Raju is planning to set hiked price for the entire opening weekend of Vakeel Saab. He seems to have a strong reason for it, and here is what it could be.

First of all, irrespective of the actual content, Vakeel Saab has been projected as a commercial fare. It is the first gamble Dil Raju has taken, and it succeeded with the theatrical release response. It means the producer is expecting massive openings on the first day. To this effect, he is giving a record release for the film.

Luckily for Dil Raju, Vakeel Saab happens to be the comeback film of Pawan Kalyan in three years and the first big star release in over a year. Telugu cinema has not had a star-hero movie in cinemas post-Sankranthi 2020.

But, more importantly, and also the most prominent factor here is the release date. April 9th is the second weekend. It means after the first day, which is expected to be huge, the second day is a holiday (second Saturday), and then it is Sunday. It will be a big weekend akin to a holiday release.

Considering all these facts, Dil Raju is ready to take a gamble. He seems confident in the product and looks assured of heavy numbers for the entire week and not just the weekend.

However, in the past, too, Pawan Kalyan had some of the best release dates (for Sardar Gabbar Singh and Agnyaathavaasi), and they failed spectacularly after the openings. The fans would be hoping, Vakeel Saab doesn’t go that way and brings them both openings and happenings.