Dil Raju In the recent past, Dil Raju’s judgment on the films produced by him seems to have gone for a toss when the movies he promoted to be path-breakers didn’t even turn out to be a decent hit.

Now, he is taking his average movie ‘Evadu’ to Bollywood and he would be one of the producers of the Bollywood remake. When ‘Evadu’ was remade in Tamil as ‘Boomerang’, the movie actually boomeranged and didn’t work in Tamil.

So, what’s the logic to take a movie to Bollywood when the original was strictly average and the Tamil remake was a disappointment? It’s really surprising to see Dil Raju taking an outdated script to Bollywood when it didn’t work in two languages, already.

Though the film has a unique concept at hand, Vamsi Paidipally made a flat film out of it. Is Dil Raju misusing the credibility he had earned over years or is he confused about his decisions?