Sudheer BabuSudheer Babu often tries to come with interesting subjects but he is badly deprived off commercial success. All of his recent films have disappeared without a trace at the box office.

Sudheer Babu tried something new in terms of action sequences and visual presentation with his latest outing, Hunt. But much like his recent films, Hunt has also gone without a trace at the ticket counters.

The latest news is that Hunt is headed for its OTT premieres on Amazon Prime Video on the 10th of February.

This would mean that the film is arriving on OTT just 2 weeks post its theatrical release. It released in theatres on the 26th of January and exactly two weeks later, it looks set for its OTT premieres.

Sudheer had to face another disappointing result with Hunt, despite trying something new. His hunt for commercial success continues now.