Another Director Joins Star Film Victim List!Every director wants to make a film with a big star. If the film clicks, then his career will take off in a huge way, and he will move into the big league. But if the film fails, then there are chances that he might be left with no projects in hand.

After the failure of Saaho and Radhe Shyam, directors Radhakrishna and Sujeeth are sitting at home with no projects in hand. They don’t want to do movies with small heroes, and big stars are staying away from them.

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Now another director has joined the list of ‘Star Hero Film’ victims. He is none other than Parasuram. After directing Sarkaru Vaari Paata with Mahesh Babu, he expected that he would be catapulted into the league of star directors. But the film neither met the expectations of fans nor the box office. It turned out to be an average fare.

Many complained that Parasuram couldn’t handle the superstar, and on top of that, he made Mahesh do cringe-worthy scenes. Because of the backlash, no big star is ready to work with him. All the goodwill he won with Geeta Govindam is now lost.

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Parasuram is now left with no projects in hand. He will have to start again from scratch. He is the perfect example to prove how star films can turn out to be more of a bane than a boon.