Telugu industry is ruled by the members of four families from different generations. The three families are – Akkinenis’, Nandamuris’, Daggubatis’ and the mega star family. Chiranjeevi ruled for years and bid adieu soon after his son Ram Charan entered films. Other members from his family include Allu Arjun and Allu Sirish.

There is Varun Tej, son of Naga Babu, who is expected to make his debut soon. The other actor we are talking about is Rahul Venkat, Chiranjeevi’s nephew, who is making his debut in upcoming Telugu film Alias Janaki. The question is besides Allu Arjun and Sirish, can these family members can any mileage in the industry.

If we look at the Akkineni family, Nagarjuna and his son Naga Chaitanya rule the industry, while other members of the family such as Sushant, Sumanth struggle to even get few films every year. We wonder what the reason is.


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