Annoying Intentional Attack

Lakshmi's-NTR-Movie-Trailer-2The second trailer of ‘Lakshmi’s NTR‘ is out and it is no different from the first trailer. The sole intention of both the trailers of the movie was to portray Lakshmi Parvati as a pious woman who was genuine and innocent who allegedly suffered because of the cunning and mean politics of Chandrababu Naidu and NTR’s family.

The intentions are clear and the drama that was shown in the trailer is enough to speculate what to expect from the movie. Only that, there should be more intriguing content to engage the audiences for more than two hours. Here, we have to take two things into consideration. Even with so much drama portrayed, will Lakshmi Parvati get the acceptance or sympathy from the people which she never had right from the time she was married to Sr. NTR.

The second issue is the actors. There is no known face and it would be hard to sit through the movie with the contrived emotions and drama that was totally intentional rather than being genuine. On the contrary to the clear intentions, the movie may even help CBN as people don’t like when they see this kind of intentional ploy, especially in politics. The tone of the movie is quite annoying instead of creating sympathy for Lakshmi Parvati.

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