It seems that actress Samantha is always part of headlines of the movie news for reasons pertaining to both her personal and professional life. Recently, it was her relationship status that was being discussed around the web, these days the focus has shifted to her health. Indeed, word is going around that the actress is suffering from severely ill heath to the point that it is causing disruption in the shooting for her upcoming Suriya – Lingusamy film. It could have been a major cause of concern since previously, her ill health has caused her to miss out on some great projects.

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However, Samantha is very annoyed with these rumours going around and has posted this message on her twitter page. “Enough….Shooting for Jr. Ntr’s film and VV Vinayak’s film till 20th dec. then from 23rd dec till jan 4th for the Lingusamy-Suriya film. I usually don’t tweet my detailed shoot schedule. I’m just doing it because some gossip rags are reporting that I am seriously ill. Thanks for all your wishes. Very grateful for all the support you all have shown me through thick and thin. Muaah”