Anni Manchi SakunamuleThe summer season has been a rather dry one for Tollywood. All of the recent releases have been mass masala films and the majority of them have tanked at the box office. In a way, Tollywood is a stressful situation.

This perfectly plays into the strengths of upcoming release, Anni Manchi Sakunamule which is up for release on the 20th of this month.

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AMS is billed to be a proper family entertainer. The trailer implied that the film is essentially a love drama and it will have enough family sentiments. This is just the kind of genre that the family audience have been waiting for this summer.

The family folk haven’t stepped out in big numbers this summer as there weren’t many films that suited their sensibilities. Now, AMS is rightly falling into this category.

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The makers have also played it safe by leaving very little risk to the theatrical revenues. Thanks to the repetition and brand value of Swapna Cinemas, the non theatricals of AMS are sold for fancy prices.

The film is a lo-risk one in theatrical returns terms. Even a decent word of mouth is enough for it to pull the family audience and potentially mint good revenues. Swapna Cinemas, who scored a blockbuster with Sita Ramam have credence amongst the family audience and that will also come into play.

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AMS just needs a decent word of mouth for it to have a breezy theatrical run given the low risks involved. Can it strike a chord with the family folk this summer? Let’s see.