The southern remake of Kahani titled Annamika will decide the fate of Nayantara in southern film market. With three back-to-back flops, her career seems to hitting a dead end. But, with films such Valai with Ajith and Raja Rani with Arya, Nayantara still has some hope left to breathe a sigh of relief.

But the most important project for her would the Tamil-Telugu remake of Vidya Balan-starrer Kahani. Remember the original film gave Vidya the much needed break and identity in the industry. Since then her career seems to have gone places. The question is whether Annamika will be the game changer film for Nayan too in her sagging career.

Nayan is a talented actress but sadly, she hasn’t been getting good roles. She played Sita in Sri Rama Rajyam to perfection and even won awards for her performance. We hope she gets roles where she can prove her mettle as an actress.