Anirudh's-Stamp-On-Nani's-Romance---JerseyThe soft romantic number ‘Adhentoo Gaani Vunnapaatuga’ from Nani’s upcoming Summer release ‘Jersey‘ is out. The song has brand Anirudh Ravichandar written all over it and the music for the song reminds us of ‘Bayatakelli Chuste Time Emo 3’o’ Clock’ from Pavan Kalyan’s ‘Agnyaathavaasi’.

Nani and Shraddha Srinath are pleasing to the eyes in the song teaser with subtle romance blooming in the air. Looks like, the tune is good and may grow gradually after several hearings. For music director, Anirudh’s fans from the Tamil films, the tune of the song might seem to be a bit repetitive. Of course, not for the Telugu audiences. The song seems to be narrative-based and might go well with the flow of the story.

The song teaser has established the heroine Shraddha Srinath as the girl next door who gets married to an amateur cricketer dreaming high. Overall, it’s a decent song, setting decent expectations though not going to be a chartbuster song but serves the purpose, anyway. Gentle and decent!