Anirudh Ravichander Makes a Blockbuster Debut with Pawan KalyanRight from the beginning, when the announcement was made that music director Anirudh is going to make his debut with Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram’s combo, fans were so excited as the MD is known for the way he can deliver both soothing and trendsetter songs.

Here is the snippet from Anirudh debut song for Pawan Kalyan’s untitled movie. The song matches the sensibilities of the director (Trivikram) and one can guess the taste of the director both from the tune and also the lyrics. The lyrics and the tune of ‘Baitikochi chuste 3 O clock’ are going to be the instant winners and connect well with the audiences and it makes us wait for the full song eagerly.

This is a great start for the music director whose debut is much awaited in Tollywood. The icing on the cake with regard to this snippet is Pawan Kalyan. The fans will get to see him in the last shot of this video. Most importantly, the confusion around the release date is cleared once and for all. The film will be coming to cinemas on Jan 10th 2018.