anil-sunkara-all-set-with-a-p-j-abdul-kalam-biopicProducer Anil Sunkara is on go with his new film, which is a biopic of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Dr. Abdul Kalam is not less than any celebrity and has got a huge fan following in youth. People adore him for his personality and knowledge. There were many posts on social media asking people’s opinion on printing Kalam’s picture on the Indian currency.

This is obviously going to be a good news for such admirers of Kalam Ji. Anil is doing his groundwork for the film whose shooting is scheduled to be started in March. Anil with the support of his friend Abhishek Agarwal seems to be working real hard to make the film a memorable one while he goes to Dr. Kalam’s home and studies the lifestyle of the leader. He has also met Dr’s family members and took valuable information of him that could be used in the film.

Anil is planning a to take a Hollywood range director and the cast from India and Hollywood. The film is going to show how a paper boy turned to a scientist and then the President. As reports said the film is also going to focus on how a common Indian handled CIA and gave an unforgettable failure to CIA. It is said that the Pokhara nuclear test episode would be pictured in a comic way which gives a hint that the movie is not only a storyteller but also going to be entertaining.