anil-ravipudiAnil Ravipudi has a great success ratio though his last film F3 turned out to be just average, in terms of content and box office as well. Now he is teaming up with Nandamuri Balakrishna for an action entertainer.

There is a section of the audience that accuses him of infusing cringe comedy in his films. There is a talk in the industry that Anil Ravipudi wants to erase that tag with his upcoming film with Balayya. He has kept the audience feedback in mind and working towards making a film that is high on content.

Balakrishna’s image doesn’t allow his films to have over-the-top low-brow comedy. So Ravipudi is designing the film to suit Balakrishna’s stature. There might be some decent dosage of comedy in the film but not the kind we usually see in Ravipudi films.

Anil Ravipudi is also not seen at any events these days as he seems to be devoting his complete time and attention to fine-tuning the script of Balakrishna’s movie.

It is also being said that he wants to get rid of that director tag who offers cringe comedy in the name of entertainment. He wants to deliver a completely different yet entertaining film this time.