Telugu cinema has been desperately in search of a big-ticket director. There have been many second-tier hero directors scoring blockbusters but when it comes to the biggie, they fail. Finally, in Anil Ravipudi, TFI looks to have found a mass director.

Handling a big star and mass following is a different challenge. The entire last decade had only one director get such a chance, but even he failed to make it count.

We have to go back two decades to find mass directors who handled star heroes. Since all of them have reached an end of sorts, the industry is waiting for young ones to take up the mantle. Anil Ravipudi with five back to back success seems to be the answer.

The next couple of films would be very crucial for Anil Ravipudi, irrespective of his success ratio so far. They have to come with expectations and deliver. One of them is expected to be Mahesh Babu, which means he has to find the right project next. There are no star heroes who are free currently. It means the director has to plan his next move judiciously. Let’s see what he announces next.