case registered on ram gopal varma for killing veerappan movieRGV and controversies go hand in hand. Whatever he says or depits through his movies becomes a topic of controversy by default. His multilingual project ‘Killing Veerappan’ is getting ready for hitting theatres and here is a Tamil lady trying to stop the film’s release by getting interim injunction order from the court.

One Paneer Selvi of Salem district in Tamil Nadu has problems with RGV’s movie as she thinks that the film is going to create law and order problems in the State. Why? Because RGV has belittled the role of Tamil Nadu police in the operation for killing Veerappan. She alleges that RGV gave all the credit to Karnataka police.

Paneer Selvi also has problems that women are shown in poor light in the film going by the trailer content. She filed her complaint in Madras High Court to stall the film’s release. RGV is yet to respond to these allegations.