Andrea turns composer for Tamil film

Singer-actress Andrea Jeremiah, who works predominantly in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam industries, has composed a single for the first time titled ‘Soul of Taramani’ for upcoming Tamil romantic-drama ‘Taramani’. Kamal Haasan is set to release the single in Chennai this evening.

The film is being directed by Ram, and according to him he had no idea that she can compose songs as well. He said he knew she was an actor as well as a singer but he was pleasantly surprised when he heard her compositions. He really liked one of her tunes and felt that it would be apt for the story of the film.

Andrea asked the director to use the song for the film. They decided to use the song to promote the film, and, therefore, decided to call it the ‘Soul of Taramani’. Andrea also plays the lead in the film, which features a newcomer in the lead role.