Andhra Pradesh Govt Resorting to the Sale of Land Bank Identified for InvestorsAndhra Pradesh Government is gearing up to sell the massive tracts of land across the state to pool in funds for its ambitious welfare schemes, Navaratnalu. The cash-strapped state had almost exhausted the borrowing limits and the incomes are not increasing as various projects were stalled in the name of one or the other.

Meanwhile, the new government continues to announce new schemes one after the other. To bridge the resources, the Government had started something called ‘Build AP’. Instead of building something, they are resorting to the sale of Government lands. Officials were asked to identify the lands which will fetch more money for the Government.

Accordingly, 4000 acres were identified only in and around Vishakapatnam. Interestingly, most of these lands were identified by the TDP government as a land bank to IT companies and various industries. Since some of the lands are available in prime areas, the government hopes to make huge money.

However, this is going to be a dangerous move as the government is going to suffer the dearth of land if any investments come. “This Government can anyway not bring any new investment. Maybe they are sure about it and so selling away the lands,” TDP leaders ridicule.