Venkaiah Naidu Modi Chandra Babu naidu

As the state heads for the crucial bifurcation and Seema Andhra left with out a proper state capital, Venkaiah Naidu rightly assumed the office of Urban Affairs Ministers. With strong RSS roots from his childhood, Venkaiah Naidu became famous for his participation in Jai Andhra movement and his anti-congress stand during the Emergency time. While no one will question Venkaiah’s commitment on Anti-Congress politics, his commitment for Jai Andhra will be tested as he assumes office as Urban Affairs Minister. Seema Andhra will be looking at him to deliver the justice promised by BJP in their manifesto.

On the other side, Venkaiah was also trusted with the portfolio of Parliamentary Affairs. Venkaiah is known for his intelligent tackling of with various people across the party lines. He also commands respect from all the political parties and he would be an apt choice for the ministry more than any one else. His experience in maintaining equally good relations with Vajpayee and Advani during earlier NDA governments and the way he tackled Advani to accept Modi’s leadership recently may have got him the good recognition.