Anchor Suma Creates Unnecessary ControversyFor the past few months, we have been witnessing fan wars regarding RRR credit on social media platforms. NTR fans and Ram Charan fans are not leaving any stone unturned to grab RRR’s success credit and troll the other star.

Recently, there was news that NTR’s name is mentioned in the expected actor’s list of Oscars 2023 nominees, whereas Ram Charan’s name was nowhere to be seen. This list of possible Oscars 2023 nominees was released by the international magazine Variety. This again added fuel to the fire, and the fan war between Tarak and Charan fans again resulted in disgusting and abusive trends on Twitter.

Now, anchor Suma has paved the way to create more hatred between the fans with her game show. In one of her Cash episodes, Suma asked senior actress Annapurnamma which actor’s performance made her proud, NTR or Ram Charan?

Without any hesitation, Annapurnamma said, “Obviously, NTR! Charan is also good as his support.”

Now, this small clip is being shared by NTR fans on social media which is creating more rifts between fans of both clans.

It was surprising of Suma to ask such a question and create unnecessary controversy with her questions and add more fuel to the fire of fan wars.