Jr. Samantha tag makes Anchor happy

Actress Madhutha’s life turned around completely when she made the decision to audition for a music channel. It was a turn for the good since the actress is now a proud and popular TV anchor. Moreover, a lot of people say that she looks just like the popular actress Samantha. In fact, admirers of Samantha have even come up to her said they seem to be sisters. And though Madhulatha didn’t believe it to be true at first, more and more people saying the same made her think. Regardless, Madhulatha says that it feels good to have people like her.

As for her professional side, Madhulatha gets the opportunity to meet a lot of stars on her anchoring show. Her memorable experiences with these celebrities include the talk with Suriya and Mani Ratnam. But the actor she would like to meet soon is none other than Pawan Kalyan!