Anasuya Strong Message to Cyber BulliesCyberbullying on social media has got to another level that no one is spared. This situation is kind of sending warning signals to us how the values of our society have been degenerating day by day. Anchor Anasuya who has been one of the sufferers gave a strong warning to the bullies.

When she was live talking about #Justicefor Disha, one unknown user insulted her. Immediately, Anasuya gave it back to him warning him, “It’s not masculine to hide behind your phone or computer and pass such comments. If you were in front of me, I’ll make yourself urinate.”

She also gave strong warning that she wouldn’t hereafter take the cyberbullying calmly. She is going to spare some time every week to take a note of these guys who talk bad things and pass abusive comments.

With the kind of laws emerging after #JusticeforDisha, there must be strict laws to put a check on cyberbullying.