Anasuya-Proudly-Says,-She-Can't-Live-Without--HimAnasuya Bharadwaj, the popular anchor who has become apart of Telugu people around the world through her anchoring as ‘Jabardast’ host is celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary today.

She shared a heart-touching and beautifully written message for her 10th anniversary about her relationship with her husband, how much he means to her and the kind of eternal bonding that exists between them.

Implicitly, the message means, she can’t live without him. It’s like a love letter, Anasuya bestowing her great love and affection not only in the form of the post but also a cute photo of herself with her hubby.

No doubt, his encouragement and support must have been very crucial for her in shaping up her career. Nice to have a caring and understanding husband, indeed.