Anasuya Lacks Big Screen JudgementAnasuya is one actress who is getting decent offers on TV and films. When it comes to movies, she is accepting multiple projects and her latest project is Ravi Teja‘s Khiladi which has become a big flop at the box office.

Now, her role in Ravi Teja’s Khiladi has come in for a lot of scrutiny. In the first half of the film, she is seen as Dimple Hayathi’s mom and overacts to no extent as the orthodox old school mummy. The way she acted was so irritating to see.

But things were good enough as the interval twist showcased her in a posh manner. But once again, in the second half, the way she dressed in those over-the-top and ugly shorts looked quite vulgar. What was even worse was her loud makeup which has now become a talking point.

Apart from standing in the background, she had nothing else to do in the second half of Khiladi. When she has been doing decent roles in films like Rangasthalam and Pushpa, doing silly roles in films like Khiladi has now made it clear that she clearly opted for the role for money and nothing else.