Anasuya Bharadwaj - Coivid19Very early in the morning, anchor Anasuya sent a social media message saying that she woke up early in the morning to travel to Kurnool for an occasion but had to cancel it because she sensed some symptoms of COVID.

She is going to get her tests done immediately and also requested all those people who met her in the past few days to get tested, even. It’s very important to notify everyone as keeping it a secret being COVID positive isn’t going to help others who came near the person affected.

Only a couple of days ago, mega daughter Niharika was seen with Anasuya. They were at the launch event of the mega daughter’s web series titled ‘Mrs. She’ that she chose to continue her career after the wedding to resume her career.

So, it’s pertinent that even mega daughter and others at the event get the tests done. Being an actor and anchor, it’s Anasuya’s job to meet several people and work with them. That can’t be avoidable.