Anchor-Anasuya-BharadwajActress and Telugu TV host Anasuya doesn’t mince words when it comes to expressing her opinions and stance on social media. She often makes striking and hard hitting comments on Twitter.

Anasuya has now issued a warning to Telugu crowd on social media.

“Here by..taking screenshot of every account abusing me..age shaming me by calling“Aunty”..involving my family into this and I will file a case and take it to a point where you will regret getting to me without any legit reason..this is my final warning.” Anasuya tweeted a short while ago.

The other day, the actress tweeted in the context of Liger, saying karma has played its part and those who use abusive terms against mothers are paying the price. She indirectly referred to Vijay Deverakonda’s swear words at Arjun Reddy event many years ago.

Anasuya’s tweet yesterday led to a heated debate and she did indeed face some social media hate as a few say it isn’t right on her part to poke into an issue that happened many years ago and mocking a fellow actor now. Today, she warned those trolling her that she would take legal action if they age shame her.

“Just had a conversation with the Cybercrime and they responded so prompt..I will prove what can happen if you think its your right to abuse anyone for anything. I’ll file a case on Assaulting a women verbally.. outraging her modesty grounds” she tweeted.