Anasuya Bharadwaj To Get Compensation In Pushpa 2Pushpa – The Rise boasted of an ensemble cast and Anasuya Bharadwaj‘s role was one among them. This is the second film of the anchor with Sukumar after Rangasthalam.

Anasuya back then had stressed that akin to her role in Rangasthalam, her role as Dakshayani in Pushpa too would weave magic. However, Anasuya’s role failed to light up the screens. Her role didn’t live up to the hype it was generated.

Anasuya’s role was of minuscule holding no prominence. One would have thought after her poster glimpse, she would have a meaty role, but it turned out to be a disappointing role. Apart from the role, her looks were okayish. But it looks like Anasuya is going to get compensation in the sequel –Pushpa 2.

Unlike the first part where she was seen here and there, it is learnt that in Pushpa 2 we are going to see a bigger screen space of Anasuya. Apart from her, Fahadh Faasil will be seen in a full fledged too. Pushpa 2 shoot is said to go on floors from the end of February and makers are eyeing for release in December 2022.