Anasuya-Bharadwaj-Vijay-DeverakondaFor the unversed, noted actress and TV host Anasuya had previously faulted Vijay Deverakonda over a promotional event pertaining to Arjun Reddy. She took offense, saying Vijay unnecessarily slandered motherhood by using the swear word “Madhar***d” at an Arjun Reddy event.

Anasuya had even shared several tweets and took part in TV debates in this context. But Vijay never responded to these comments.

Now, 5 years since Arjun Reddy’s release, Anasuya has again reinstated the feud by posting a hitting tweet earlier today. “The repercussions of abusing a mother won’t go away easily. Karma will come back to haunt you sooner or later,” Anasuya tweeted earlier today.

The interesting aspect here is that Anasuya tweeted this on the very day the costliest film in Vijay Deverakonda’s career, Liger released in theaters. After the talk and word of mouth for Liger came out, Anasuya came up with this tweet, which has the vibe of her taking revenge of some sort on Vijay.

Anasuya’s tweet is now going viral and it is drawing mixed reactions from the Telugu film on Twitter.

అమ్మని అన్న ఉసురు ఊరికే పోదు. కర్మ.. కొన్నిసార్లు రావటం లేటవ్వచ్చేమో కాని రావటం మాత్రం పక్కా!!#NotHappyOnsomeonesSadness but #FaithRestored

— Anasuya Bharadwaj (@anusuyakhasba) August 25, 2022