Anasuya-Bharadwaj-Slammed-by-Trolls-for-the-VideoAnasuya Bharadwaj just brushed the adrenaline glands of the trolls on social media who are filling the Twitter with counter comments to her complaint to the Hyderabad traffic police online posting a video of a man in the driver seat watching a video on his phone as he drives in high traffic.

She wrote that she suffered an accident for others fault like so and this act of the man scares her a lot and gave the details of the car and location to the officials online. And there started the troll drama calling her show off and that it is not fair to take someone’s video without their consent and so on. Remember Anushka Sharma faced the similar situation as she posted a video of a man in the car littering?

Anasuya is all in the mood then to get back to the trolls and the negative comments. She has fired back to many people who slammed her. “Oh la la!!!!So much of a trolling for one genuine concern!!!!”: she wrote. Police addressed her concern though and her intent was fulfilled and got herself covered in the news.